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Martedì, 10 Giugno 2014 19:11

Il mercurio, e non solo, è ancora presente nei vaccini.....altro che chiacchiere

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E' dato per scontato che non sia più presente nei vaccini non sia più presente Thimerosal ( sodio-etilmercurio-tiosalicilato (C9H9HgNaO2S ).

Purtroppo ahimè non è assolutamente vero a proposito del vaccino antinfluenzale h1n1

Sul sito FDA USA c'è scritto

The single-dose formulation is preservative-free; thimerosal, a mercury derivative, is not used in the manufacturing process for this formulation. The multi-dose formulation contains thimerosal, added as a preservative; each 0.5 mL dose contains 24.5 mcg of mercury.
A single 0.5 mL dose of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine contains sodium chloride (4.1 mg), monobasic sodium phosphate (80 mcg), dibasic sodium phosphate (300 mcg), monobasic potassium phosphate (20 mcg), potassium chloride (20 mcg), and calcium chloride (1.5 mcg). From the manufacturing process, each dose may also contain residual amounts of sodium taurodeoxycholate (≤ 10 ppm), ovalbumin (≤ 1 mcg), neomycin sulfate (≤ 0.2 picograms [pg]), polymyxin B (≤ 0.03 pg), and beta-propiolactone (< 25 nanograms)."

La formulazione multidose, è una confezione contenente 10 dosi vaccinali....e molto probabilmente è questa formulazione che viene prodottaper milioni di dosi....a meno che uno vada in farmacia e la compri privatamente....ma quella di stato è gratis...e poi a saperle queste cose....

5 mL multi-dose vial containing ten doses. Thimerosal, a mercury derivative, is added as a preservative; each 0.5 mL dose contains 24.5 micrograms (mcg) of mercury. (3,11) "

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Novartis h1n1 bugiardino


Sanofi - Pasteur h1n1 bugiardino


Non voglio entrare nei dettagli ma si consiglia a sei mesi la prima dose...un suicidio

Passiamo alla dose massima consentita nel sangue umano del mercurio e derivati

ssempre dati ufficiali

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry USA

a pagina 453 di questo corposo documento


si afferma

"Blood analyses 5 months after the exposure incident revealed a whole blood mercury concentration of 4,000 µg/L
(ppb), which is 80 times the usual toxic threshold (50 µg/L) and 400 times the normal mercury blood range
(<10 µg/L) (Blayney et al. 1997). "

Quindi una dose di h1n1 bypassa tutti i meccanismi di difesa ( a dir poco limitati in un neonato di sei mesi ) e si inietta 24,5 mcg di Thimerosal a fronte di un limite negli adulti di minore di 10 mcg

Passiamo all'analisi di altri vaccini

In una ricerca australiana del 2010 si dimostra che su otto vaccini in età pediatrica utilizzati in Australia tutti contengono mercurio ( < 1ppb o 1mg/L per la equivalenza si veda su http://www.nesc.wvu.edu/ndwc/articles/ot/fa04/q&a.pdf) e che l'Infarix Hexa contiene addirittura 10 ppb = 10mg/L

che potete trovare su


o su


"J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2010;73(10):637-40. doi: 10.1080/15287391003613994.
Mercury in vaccines from the Australian childhood immunization program schedule.
Austin DW1, Shandley KA, Palombo EA.
Author information
Despite the removal of the mercury (Hg)-based preservative thimerosal from vaccines listed on the Australian Immunization Program Schedule for children, concerns remain among some researchers and parents for the safety of the present schedule, in part due to a fear of residual trace levels of Hg. The purpose of this study was to independently assess childhood vaccines for the presence of Hg. Eight vaccines administered to children under the age of 5 yr were assessed for Hg content via a DMA-80 direct mercury analyzer. Seven of the 8 vaccines contained no detectable levels of Hg (less than 1 ppb); however, 1 vaccine (Infanrix hexa) tested positive for Hg at 10 ppb. The result was confirmed and validated by retesting the original sample. Follow-up testing was conducted on three additional samples of Infanrix hexa (one from the same production lot and two from a different lot). All three tested positive for Hg (average of 9.7 ppb). Although the levels of Hg detected are substantially lower than any established exposure safety limits, the results of this study reveal that inaccuracies exist in public health messages, professional communications, and official documentation regarding Hg content in at least one childhood vaccine. In the interests of public health, it is incumbent on vaccine manufacturers and responsible agencies such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Federal Department of Health and Ageing to address this issue as a matter of urgency.
PMID: 20391108 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]"

La cosa straordinaria è che il Ministero della Salute australiano afferma in questo documento che nel programma vaccinale al di sotto dei bambini di 5 anni il solo vaccino contenente thimerosal è quello per l'epatite B manco lo sanno che nell'infarix hexa vi è il mercurio....

il documento lo trovate qui


"How much mercury exposure results
from vaccines?
Not all vaccines contain thiomersal, and not all
children get all vaccines. In the USA, it was
calculated that if all thiomersal-containing vaccines
are given, the total exposure to mercury in the first
6 months of life may exceed the EPA guidelines. A
recent US study measured blood mercury levels
before and after a dose of hepatitis B vaccine given
at birth. This study found raised blood mercury
levels after hepatitis B vaccination in babies,
particularly premature babies, but the levels were
within the ‘normal’ range defined by the US
Department of Health and Human Services.
Which childhood vaccines
contain thiomersal?
The current National Health and Medical Research
Council (NHMRC) Australian Standard Vaccination
Schedule for children under the age of 5 years
includes only one vaccine that contains thiomersal.
This vaccine is monovalent hepatitis B vaccine,
which contains 25 micrograms of thiomersal per
dose. However, a thiomersal-free product is now"

Ora passiamo alla "non pericolosità" dell'alluminio nei vaccini come se fosse acqua di fonte....

cito un solo articolo del 2012....altri migliaia ve ne sono su PUBMED od altri editori


" Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations

L Tomljenovic
and CA Shaw
Neural Dynamics Research Group, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC,
Canada and

Departments of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and Experimental Medicine and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Immune challenges during early development, including those vaccine-induced, can lead to
permanent detrimental alterations of the brain and immune function. Experimental evidence
also shows that simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants can
overcome genetic resistance to autoimmunity. In some developed countries, by the time children
are 4 to 6 years old, they will have received a total of 126 antigenic compounds along with
high amounts of aluminum (Al) adjuvants through routine vaccinations. According to the US
Food and Drug Administration, safety assessments for vaccines have often not included
appropriate toxicity studies because vaccines have not been viewed as inherently toxic.
Taken together, these observations raise plausible concerns about the overall safety of current
childhood vaccination programs. When assessing adjuvant toxicity in children, several key
points ought to be considered: (i) infants and children should not be viewed as ‘‘small adults’’
with regard to toxicological risk as their unique physiology makes them much more vulnerable
to toxic insults; (ii) in adult humans Al vaccine adjuvants have been linked to a variety of
serious autoimmune and inflammatory conditions (i.e., ‘‘ASIA’’ = "Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants,

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20708902 )

yet children are regularly exposed to much higher amounts of Al from vaccines than adults; (iii) it is often assumed that
peripheral immune responses do not affect brain function. However, it is now clearly established
that there is a bidirectional neuro-immune cross-talk that plays crucial roles in immunoregulation
as well as brain function. In turn, perturbations of the neuro-immune axis have
been demonstrated in many autoimmune diseases encompassed in ‘‘ASIA’’ and are thought to
be driven by a hyperactive immune response; and (iv) the same Components of the neuroimmune
axis that play key roles in brain development and immune function are heavily targeted
by Al adjuvants. In summary, research evidence shows that increasing concerns about
current vaccination practices may indeed be warranted. Because children may be most at risk
of vaccine-induced complications, a rigorous evaluation of the vaccine-related adverse health
impacts in the pediatric population is urgently needed. Lupus (2012) 21, 223–230.
Key word: adjuvants; aluminum; autoimmunity; immunotoxicity; inflammation; neurotoxic-
ity; vaccine safety"

Riassumendo l'abstract

  1. L'evidenza scientifica mostra che la somministrazone tramite vaccini di dosi anche piccole di 2 o 3 adiuvanti può superare la resistenza genetica all'autoimmunita
  2. Nei paesi sviluppati i bambini fino a 4 o sei anni hanno ricevuto dalle campagne vaccinali fino a 126 composti antigenici con alto contenuto di alluminio che è da sempre neurotossico
  3. i bambini o neonati non dovrebbero essere considerati biologicamente " piccoli adulti"
  4. gli adiuvanti a base di alluminio modificano pesantemente lo sviluppo del cervello nei primi anni di vita e dell'intero sistema immunitario del bambino

Sarebbe facile citare altri articoli od entrare nella biochimica ed immunocitochimica del metalli pesanti dato che è oramai conclamato che essi sono sia neurotossici che alteranti il sistema immunitario con autoimmunita a carico del SNC

Aspetto qualcuno che dica, e che motivi il suo dire che ciò che ho affermato in questo mio scritto sono tutte fandonie

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